An inside look of how cyber security can threaten your data…No threat is too small, no protection is too strong.

Cyber-technology is a growing phenomena in today’s society.  In this article, you may find some mind-blowing yet interesting facts about why it is important to protect ourselves over the Internet and consider our online safety.



Technology and People Counting

In the article “7 Technologies to Track People” by Growth Hacking for the Physical Store, they describe some of the specific technologies used in rising retail stores to measure and estimate the average and total rate of customer visits. These tactics consist of monitoring customer activities around the store in which many find personally invasive.

Tina Sze

Gunshot Detection & License Plate Readers



Over the weekend there was many biometrics used to scan the crowds and control the people who were present. They have gunshot detection to use and can detect whether people have shot a gun within the past 24 hours. The inauguration also used facial scanners.